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Rectangular light box

The ideal option for a classic, striking sign.

Our light boxes are made of 2 mm solid aluminium sheet, avoiding profiles, angles, tubes, etc. thus achieving an outer uniform, compact finish.

Technical information

Luminous sign on one side with lacquered aluminium profiles in the chosen colour and front in flat milled acrylic, with the option of a plain finish or the option of lettering on the acrylic front, ready for hanging. The inside of the box where the illumination LEDs are housed is waterproof once the front is closed. Illuminated with LEDs inside.

·Standard measurements: 100mm.
·Special measurement: consult.

·Acrylic face or vinyled acrylic.
·Lacquered aluminium structure: Matte, satin or gloss.
·Lacquered aluminium structure: c RAL, Pantone, NCS, metallic structure, etc...

Interior illumination is with sealed LEDS, normally white, but it is possible to choose different colours and even RGB. They work on 12 volts, connected to a 12v/230w transformer supplied and which connects to the power supply (230w).

3D drawing

Rectangular light box
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