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Shaped fretted projection sign

Originality and elegance on both sides

The projection signs are two -sidedadvertising signs that can be done in any shape and are usually placed perpendicularly on the façade of your business for optimum visibility.

Technical information

Two-sided lettering made of aluminium, like a double-sided fretted tray, with the possibility of lacquering them in the desired colour. In this way they can be visible from both directions. Fretted trays are cut out at the front so that they can be illuminated by the LEDs inside. There are options for the acrylic to be at the front, protruding from the front, or embedded inside. For hanging they can be manufactured with support on the side, a frame structure or with tubular support to hang from the ceiling.

·Standard measurements: 100mm.
·Special measurement: consult.

·Matte, satin or gloss.
·RAL, Pantone, NCS, metallic colours, etc...

Interior illumination is with sealed LEDS, normally white, but it is possible to choose different colours and even RGB. They work on 12 volts, connected to a 12v/230w transformer supplied and which connects to the power supply (230w).

3D drawing

Shaped fretted projection sign
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