The economic alternative for both interior and exterior.

PVC letters are the simplest and most economical option with a professional finish. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, with two possible finishes: Basic and Premium.


PVC letters offer different possibilities and combinations for a multitude of signs, including letters without lacquer, with fronts of different materials or even backlit. Two finishes are available: Basic and Premium.

· Basic: Economical option. The material is painted as it leaves the cutting process, pores may remain or even the effects of the milling tool on the sides. (Recommended for signs which are seen from a distance, as these flaws are not observed clearly once installed).

· Premium: Exceptional quality. The material is primed and sanded before being painted, guaranteeing a completely uniform finish. (Recommended for demanding customers and signs that
will be seen close up, in shopping centres, shops at street level, shop windows, etc.).

Technical information

CNC cut and then painted in the spray booth at the right temperature and humidity to achieve a perfect finish in the desired colour.

Installation will depend on the size of the letters, and the surface on which they are installed, two adhesive two faces are possible or polymer or bolted.